More and more people are looking to add an extra ‘touch’ to their holidays. Instead of just relaxing at the beach and dining at fancy restaurants, they wish to contribute some of their time to a good cause. If you combine this volunteer work with exploring the local nature and culture and having a great time with your new international friends, you get the basics of voluntourism.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to decide which project or organisation you’d want to support, with increasing numbers of fake charities and places where volunteers are only seen as money makers. Especially in Africa, beautiful words and promises don’t always mean a thing.

At 12TravelAfrica we have built up a strong network of real conservation and socio-economic development programs that are set up by honest and hard-working people, who could use some extra hands to make the world a better place. We only work with projects where every individual is truly appreciated and gets the opportunity to learn new skills, meet amazing like-minded people and feel at home in a foreign country.

Some places, like a Vulture Rehabilitation Centre and a Meerkat Research Project, are only looking for long-term (minimum of 6 months) volunteers, while certain Nature Reserves are more flexible and are therefor also suitable for short-term volunteering and even internships linked to your education.

Every project is unique and so is every voluntourist, so please send us an e-mail with your specific needs and wishes, so that we can find the perfect match for you!