What is tourism without a smile? A friendly face is what you expect to see when you reach your destination, this may be from the petrol attendant or the security guard at the entrance to the resort or bed and breakfast you decided to visit. A smile is an international language everyone understands and it is contagious to people around you. It is our belief that tourism is the new bread basket of Southern Africa allowing people’s dreams to become a reality.

‘’Putting the Smile back into Tourism’’ is the slogan we worked with and companies all over Southern Africa jumped onto the opportunity to network with like-minded properties. Our brand has reached the far shores of Asia, America, Europe and Africa with everyone just loving the idea of this simple straight line with a curve. Join our family and experience the power of a smile.

There is a place where reality exceeds your dreams, where time is not measured in days, hours or minutes but in SMILES, new EXPERIENCES and new FRIENDS. A place where happiness is not a feeling but rather a way of life. Here you are family and not just a visitor. There are many languages in the world but in Africa our SMILE speaks them all.

We have proudly worn the Tourism Friendly badges from day 1 in South Africa and are excited to now spread this message of positivity across Africa as Ambassadors of the Smile.

Contact us for more information if you wish to become a part of this growing family.