There we go!

It’s really happening! Tomorrow morning we’re leaving South Africa after six incredible years to go build a new future in Malawi; the Warm Heart of Africa. We still don’t know exactly where we’ll be staying or what we’ll be doing and especially our mothers are getting a bit nervous, but we decided anyway to go for it. We’ve got quite a list of useful contacts in Malawi, mainly thanks to the efforts of Howard’s brother there, and from discussions with the Malawi government we understand that they’re working hard to develop ecotourism in the country and are welcoming people like us. But Africa is still Africa and it’s not easy to make proper arrangements at this distance, so we decided to ‘’just’’ go. It feels great and as something that really needs to happen and we have never regretted following our instincts!

Hessel,Howard and Dilo have a great passion for horse riding

But before we start working on our new life in Malawi, we’re first going to enjoy an amazing road trip. Yes indeed, we are driving from South Africa to Malawi, visiting stunning places in Botswana and Zambia on the way!

Our bakkie (pick-up) is fully loaded and to be honest, that was not easy. Packing the lives of three guys and even our two dogs JayJay and Mocha into a small space means we’ve been de-cluttering for weeks. Be more, don’t have more! We sold or gave away a lot of things and somehow we managed to fit it all in. The rooftop tent and ground tent are double checked and we are ready for departure!

It will undoubtly be an incredible adventure and the travelling dogs only make it more interesting. It required a lot of paperwork and we’ll explain more in later blogs. First we would have to see if they even make it across the border…

Our dogs JayJay and Mocha

Our road trip means a new start, enjoying this extraordinary continent and finding those special campsites where dogs are welcome. But we will also be active as Tourism Friendly ambassadors to share the power of a smile further into Africa. We can’t wait!

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