Malawi's Shire River is home to one of the largest hippo populations in Africa

Booking a holiday to Malawi or South Africa; what’s best for you?

After living in South Africa for six years, we moved to Malawi. And our sustainable travel company moved with us! We now regularly get questions about the differences between Malawi and South Africa. For example from people who visited us in South Africa and are now wondering whether it’s worth it to also book a holiday to Malawi. And yes, it certainly is!

We completely fell in love with Malawi. But everyone is different and we believe that only you can choose what’s best for you. Read more about the similarities and the differences between a holiday to Malawi and South Africa. Read more

Enjoying a glass of wine on an empty beach at Lake Malawi

The Big 5 reasons to travel to Malawi

Do you know Malawi as that poor country in Africa where UNICEF is helping to save children? Or do you know Malawi because of Madonna’s slightly controversial adoptions?
‘’Why should I travel to Malawi?’’, people ask quite often. And we admit that it’s not easy to give an answer. Not because it’s hard to find a reason, but because there are so many! Everyone has their own reasons to travel to Africa and we believe that this relatively small and unknown country offers it all. Those children might be the happiest you’ll ever meet, since the people in Malawi are very positive and hospitable, despite poverty. And as the title of this blog suggest, it’s possible to spot the Big 5; the dream of every safari tourist.
We’ve picked the biggest five reasons why Malawi should be your choice when traveling to Africa. We promise you won’t regret your decision! Read more

The bakkie in front of our new home

House-hunting in Lilongwe

‘’The Warm Heart of Africa’’ is keeping us quite busy. Besides eight working days a week, we also had to find a house. Not that we no longer enjoyed the camping life, although a bit unpractical -especially with the dogs- but if you need to wear a shirt that looks like it has been ironed every day to work, a rooftop tent is no option. Read more