Malawi's Shire River is home to one of the largest hippo populations in Africa

Booking a holiday to Malawi or South Africa; what’s best for you?

After living in South Africa for six years, we moved to Malawi. And our sustainable travel company moved with us! We now regularly get questions about the differences between Malawi and South Africa. For example from people who visited us in South Africa and are now wondering whether it’s worth it to also book a holiday to Malawi. And yes, it certainly is!

We completely fell in love with Malawi. But everyone is different and we believe that only you can choose what’s best for you. Read more about the similarities and the differences between a holiday to Malawi and South Africa. Read more

Hippos in the river

Hippos in Malawi; vegetarians with a big mouth

Many people who go on safari in Africa are very keen to see the famous Big 5. However, we always recommend not to focus too much on that. There is so much more to see in the African bush! In our series of blogs about safari animals in Malawi, it is time for an animal that a lot of people don’t know much about. Although you usually don’t see much of them, they are large and impressive animals. This time we’ll tell you more about the hippo! Read more

Reading in nature

Read these 5 books to get that Africa feeling!

The summer holidays have started in Europe, so many people are looking for reading tips. And we are happy to help! Now that you temporarily can’t go on a tour of Africa, you can still dream away with the books below. The writers give you that real Africa feeling, so enjoyment is guaranteed. After reading these books, don’t wait too long to contact us, so that we can make your dream trip to Africa come true! Read more

Malawi flag

Malawi puts democracy to the test with fresh elections

Africa is a special continent. After nearly seven years, we thought we were somewhat used to it. Yet, these two Dutchies continue to be amazed. I don’t know if you followed any of it, but Malawi is going through an interesting period of democracy. In this blog you’ll read a bit more about the political history and especially about what made the past year so special. Read more

African sunset on safari in Malawi

Malawi; Africa’s best-kept safari secret

Many dream about going on safari in Africa. Seeing all the wildlife, the sounds and smells of the bush and the feeling of freedom and adventure. There are many safari destinations in Africa and the nature on this continent is always spectacular. These places all have their differences, so it’s important to understand what you want to get out of your trip.
It’s no secret that we are passionate about safari’s and the country Malawi and that we love sharing our special experiences with you. In this blog we’ll tell you why going on safari in Malawi is so amazing. Will we be seeing you here soon? Read more