Safari in Malawi; Africa’s best-kept secret

Is going on safari in Malawi worth it…? Many dream about going on safari in Africa. Seeing all the wildlife, the sounds and smells of the bush and the feeling of freedom and adventure. Malawi is just one of the many safari destinations in Africa and the nature on this continent is always spectacular. These places all have their differences, so it’s important to understand what you want to get out of your trip. It’s no secret that we are passionate about safari’s and the country Malawi and that we love sharing our special experiences with you. In this blog we’ll tell you why going on safari in Malawi is so amazing. Will we be seeing you here soon?

Hippos on a boat safari in Malawi

On safari in Malawi you’ll definitely see hippos. The country is known for its large numbers.

A Big Five safari in Malawi

The first thing most people think of when planning their safari, is the famous Big Five. This originates from the hunting industry and represents the five most dangerous animals to hunt on foot. Because lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and black rhinos aren’t afraid to hunt the hunter! Nowadays, you mainly hear people in tourism talk about the Big Five. Every year millions of tourists travel to Africa to spot these and other wildlife.

African buffalo

Always intimidating when a buffalo looks you right in the eye…

Not everyone knows this yet, but Malawi is also a Big Five safari destination. You can encounter all five of them in Majete Wildlife Reserve and Liwonde National Park is only missing leopards, but there are plans to reintroduce those later this year. Here you can even go on a boat safari, which guarantees a unique nature experience. You’ll see lots of birds and get close to hippos and crocodiles. When lucky, you also find antelopes or even elephants drinking from the river!

Elephant on safari in Malawi

During a boat safari on Malawi’s Shire River we nearly bumped into this elephant

As always, we recommend to not only focus on the Big Five, because there are so many beautiful species of wildlife, birds and landscapes to enjoy endlessly!

No traffic jams on safari in Malawi

It’s not unusual to daily get stuck in traffic with other commuters. Surely, you’d want to avoid that on your holiday. Still, visitors to for example Kruger National Park in South Africa or the Serengeti in Tanzania have to wait in line quite often. First to pay your entrance fee, then to actually drive into the park and later in the queues at special wildlife sightings. Let’s just hope the animals are still around by the time you finally get the chance to make a quick photo. And there probably will be yet another queue at your ‘’brief’’ toilet break…

Zebras on safari in Malawi

Zebras are always a popular animal to see on safari, also in Malawi.

You won’t experience any of that while on safari in Malawi! There are never more than a handful of other visitors in the National Parks or Wildlife Reserves. More often though, you won’t come across anyone at all while on safari, so you can enjoy nature in peace and quietness. Recently we were lucky enough to find a lioness right next to the road in Liwonde National Park. In all quietness, this majestic animal wasn’t bothered by our presence at all and we had the space and freedom to move a little back or forth to make better photos. A private safari in Malawi at its best!

Lioness on safari in Malawi

This is the lioness we had all to ourselves

Affordable safari options in Malawi

The flights to Malawi might not be the cheapest unfortunately, but the low entrance fees at the parks balance this out. To enter the largest and most popular national parks and wildlife reserves, you pay about half of what you would pay in other African countries. To go on safari in Malawi’s yet quieter places, you pay even less. Accommodation is available for different styles and budgets, but you will always be taken care of properly. Just remember to bring your own drinks and snacks while on safari in Malawi, because here there are no restaurants and kiosks in nature. This way the Warm Heart of Africa provides an authentic bush experience, rather than feeling you’re at a touristic attraction!

Support nature conservation in Malawi

Waterbuck in Liwonde National Park

There are plenty of waterbuck in Malawi

Malawi is really working hard to be an example for other African countries when it comes to nature conservation. The on-going growth of the population, doesn’t come without challenges like deforestation and human-wildlife conflicts. Thankfully the government has formed sustainable partnerships with local and international conservation organizations. All around Malawi they run projects to restore and protect indigenous nature, while remembering the socio-economic impact on the surrounding communities. Education is vital, just as job creation. The new generation Malawians realizes more and more that ecotourism offers way more opportunities in the long run than illegal wood cutting or poaching. And it doesn’t mean that agriculture is impossible. On the contrary, most conservationists assist local farmers with new ideas and initiatives. A great example is the planting of chili peppers or the introduction of honey bees around National Parks. They keep elephants away from the farmers’ crops and the sales even generate some extra income for the communities.

Hippo and elephants on safari in Malawi

A classic safari image in Malawi

By going on safari in Malawi, you directly contribute to nature conservation and new opportunities for the locals. Lodges and campsites offer training and jobs for people from the communities. Your entrance fees are used for a huge variety of conservation efforts and park maintenance. Because of your visit, the dedicated rangers can keep protecting Malawi’s unique wildlife!

Sunset on safari in Liwonde National Park

The perfect ending to a perfect safari in Malawi’s Liwonde National Park

Contact us, no strings attached, for more information on your ideal private safari. Or read our other blog ”The Big 5 reasons to travel to Malawi” to find out more about this charming country.


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