Home is where the Warm Heart is – a thank you

The moment we drove across the border into Malawi, we knew: this is home.

The six years before that, we thought we felt at home in South Africa. We definitely had an amazing time there, with so many invaluable experiences. We’re grateful for all the people we met and the lessons we learned there.

Making Malawi our home felt different, though. The connection here is deeper, more genuine. Raw and authentic. Wild and pure.

It’s as if we didn’t choose Malawi. She chose us.

And she still does. Every single day.

Sunset over Lake Malawi

It’s hard to explain in words how the sun on your face and the breeze through your hair, make you feel free.
How kicking off your shoes and walking into Lake Malawi’s clean water, makes your mind get an inspiring restart.
How being welcomed by big, warm smiles wherever you go, makes your heart grow bigger than your chest.

Only those who’ve been to Malawi, understand how she gently touches your Soul.

We hope to keep calling this magical country home until the end of times.

With very special thanks to Howard, Elton and Yerald; our three favourite Malawians. They keep inspiring us to live our best life and to be worthy of having a long future in the Warm Heart of Africa.

Dilo, Elton, Hessel and Howard at our paradise SaddleFields, Dzalanyama Forest

Dilo, Elton, Hessel and Howard at our paradise SaddleFields, Dzalanyama Forest

Howard, of course, has been the reason we became passionate about horse riding all those years ago. And the reason we eventually decided to build a new and better life in Malawi. We’ve been through a lot together, and always came out stronger. Thanks to Howard, we dared to purchase land in Malawi, where we are now realising our dreams together. Everyone loves him and looks up to him, and we are so proud to call him our brother.

We haven’t known Elton for that long, but he’s one of those people who quickly make a huge impact. During our special friendship, he’s been teaching us things about Malawi we didn’t know yet. He is stimulating us to spend less time in the office and to remember why we love living in this extraordinary country so much. To us, Elton’s warm smile and lust for adventure represent that amazing Malawi Magic!

Dilo, Yerald and Hessel at our lodge Africa House in Lilongwe

Dilo, Yerald and Hessel at our lodge Africa House in Lilongwe

And then Yerald, who is the main reason we are actually able to spend less time in that office. He was a receptionist when we were lodge managers. He now moved up to that position while we moved up to directors. However, we don’t really like that title and he knows it. We don’t even need titles, as long as we all feel that we are working so well together to reach our goals. Yerald’s hard work, dedication and friendship make it a blessing to be on the same team. We’re grateful for every step of the way and know we are continuing to grow together!

Building a home in a new country, far away from everyone and everything you know, is not always easy. But when you find the right people to do it with, it’s definitely worth all the challenges.

Zikomo azichimwene, for playing a huge part in why we keep falling in love with Malawi over and over again. The Warm Heart of Africa wouldn’t be the same without you.

We might come from very different backgrounds, but we are all sharing an exciting future together!

On this About Us page, you can read the full story of our 10 years in Africa.


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