Finally in Gaborone

It didn’t go smoothly, but we are ready for our second night in Botswana!

Howard and Dilo left with quite a delay from Hartbeespoort Thursday morning and finally at the border with Botswana there seemed to be all kinds of issues with Howard’s papers. We talked and talked and talked but eventually we had to give up. Meanwhile, Hessel had been waiting a while at the Gaborone airport, so Dilo went to fetch him and Howard unfortunately had to go back into South Africa to sort out his paperwork. We’re not sure how, when and where, but we will meet again in Africa!
Our fully loaded bakkie
To avoid the busy city traffic hour, we decided that Hessel (after an eighteen-hour flight) would take a taxi to the accommodation and meet Dilo there. Dilo still had to cross the Botswana border and was getting a bit worried about all the checks. They can be very difficult about the paperwork of vehicles and especially also dogs. However, at the check point they only briefly looked at the vehicle’s papers and JayJay and Mocha were sleeping so flat out on the back seat between some bags that the officials never even saw them. One of the things we have learned in Africa is not to say a word, if they don’t ask questions…

Hessel and the dogs at the chaletThe drive from the border to the accommodation, where Hessel safely arrived in the meantime, was a challenge because the GPS kept messing up, but eventually just before 20:00 we were finally reunited again after nearly six months. Of course, we were super excited, but honestly also too exhausted to have a little party. We were happy that we had decided to spend the first night in a comfortable chalet instead of camping and decided to already book an extra night. We need to relax a bit before our further adventures start! Besides, the dogs also had a tough day with all the waiting in the heat and they were definitely affected by our stress, so the whole day they didn’t eat, drink or pee. Eventually at the chalet they luckily drank a lot, but then Mocha still didn’t pee. We really had to go sleep and decided to just clean the mess of a little nightly accident in the morning, but to our big surprise Mocha woke up Dilo by licking his hand around 4:30. Going out at night is no hobby, but anyway, at least Mocha started peeing immediately!


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