Children Go Back To School Foundation

Cape Maclear is probably the most popular tourism destination on Lake Malawi. And we understand why! The water is crystal clear and the rocky mountain slopes in the National Park create a stunning scenery. On top of that the people are friendly and genuine and you hardly see any pushy, annoying salesmen. The different accommodations, activities and restaurants offer job opportunities for many people from Chembe and other local villages, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean there is no poverty.

On the beach we met Mike and Trixon. About four years ago, they saw how more and more orphans started hanging out on the Cape Maclear beaches to beg and even steal from tourists. They then bought drugs and ended up in a never-ending circle of crime. The whole area was affected negatively and Mike, Trixon and their friends decided it was time for change.

At their little stall on the beach, visitors can choose from a variety of colourful fabrics, from which the guys then tailor make a shirt or shorts in less than an hour. The profits are used to keep the orphans off the beach. It started with games and sports, but nowadays they also provide meals for the children and offer life and leadership skills programs. They’re currently trying to officially register the Children Go Back To School Foundation to be able to assist the children even more in developing their talents.
Dilo and the men of the foundation
Life isn’t always easy in poor countries like Malawi, but the passion and energy of these guys show that there is hope. It looks like the children have a lot of respect for Mike, Trixon and the others and that they see them as fatherly role models. We can’t wait to visit the project and tell you more about it, because these guys with their positive attitude and warm Tourism Friendly smiles deserve more attention and support!


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