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It’s time for that Dream Holiday to Africa!

Once I grow up, I’m travelling to Africa.
When I have a steady income, I’ll be exploring Africa.
As soon as the kids move out, I’m finally going to Africa.

You work hard, maybe even a bit too hard. You’re always taking care of others and wonder when it’s time to finally start enjoying your own life.

The answer is NOW.

This is the year to stop postponing, and to finally go on your Dream Holiday to Africa. Especially now that you no longer have to worry about the exact destination.

Malawi offers everything that you’ve needed for years!

Making local food in a village in Malawi

Travel to Malawi
and experience the healing energy of Africa

After a day in the healthy outdoors, feeling the breeze through your hair and the sun on your face, you feel truly alive again. Whether you’re having a close encounter with an elephant, swim between colourful fish or meditate in an ancient forest after a challenging hike, in Malawi you feel connected with nature, the people, and especially yourself.

Here you recharge your battery, which gives you the energy and joy to appreciate all the beauty around you.

Travel to Malawi, and bring back that genuine childhood smile on your face!

1 2 Travel Africa
Your favourite travel specialist in Malawi

Hessel and Dilo with a hippo in the background

1 2 Travel Africa is a sustainable travel company, owned by Hessel van Balen and Dilo van Commenee from the Netherlands.

We’ve been working and living in Africa for 10 years. We make it possible for people like you to come and experience this extraordinary continent too.

Because we are always on the ground in Malawi, we know exactly what’s happening in the places you’re going to visit. We have an extensive network throughout the country, so you always benefit of the latest developments and best deals.

Everyone is unique, and so are our travel itineraries!

No matter what your travel plans will be exactly, you can always count on personal attention, a passion for the people and nature of Malawi, and creating countless new memories.

Did you know we officially committed to the Earth Charter and Sustainable Development Goals? You can read more about this on our Vision & Mission page!

A group photo with travellers in Malawi

Why won’t you have a ‘’normal’’ holiday in Malawi?

Malawi is called the Warm Heart of Africa,  and you won’t have to search for long to find out why. The people in this relatively small African country are genuine, helpful, and you will be greeted with a warm, welcoming smile wherever you go.

At 1 2 Travel Africa you experience slow travel. The focus is to meet the real and authentic Malawi; our favourite part of Africa.

You won’t stay in large hotel chains that transfer the money to bank accounts in a tropical tax haven.

No, you’ll spend your nights in authentic, intimate accommodations that treat their team, communities and surroundings fair and respectfully. They help growing the local economy and preserve nature. This way, you also play a part in creating a flourishing Malawi, while enjoying your unforgettable Dream Holiday!

Read: How does our company contribute to a more sustainable future for Malawi?

An ​eye for local businesses

​Thanks to 1 2 Travel Africa, I was able to discover special and unique places in Africa, tailored to my wishes. 1 2 Travel Africa also has an ​​eye for local businesses, which I find very important during my travels. This way I can experience the tourist attractions, as well as unique and special (undiscovered) gems and also support the local community.


Travel to Malawi for breath-taking nature

Malawi offers a unique diversity in landscapes at short travel distances. Lots of work is being done to make the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves even better. For this, the government works together with some very experienced nature conservation organisations. The numbers of elephants, zebras, buffaloes, leopards and a variety of antelope grow every year. Since the successful reintroduction of lions and black rhino’s, it’s even possible again to spot the famous Big 5 on safari in Malawi.

Your trip to Malawi contributes to the protection of local nature and wildlife!

Passionate bird watchers (like us!) will also find what they love. With 650 different bird species in the country, you should not forget your camera and binoculars.

Obviously, Lake Malawi is a highlight of your trip. Besides swimming and relaxing, you can also go on a little kayak adventure to one of the islands. There you snorkel between the colourful cichlid fish that Lake Malawi is famous for.

With a cold drink in your hand and your feet in the sand, sitting between palm trees and listening to the calm waves, you discover the true meaning of the word paradise!

Do you need more travel inspiration?

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Lake Malawi is one of our favorite places in Africa!

See you soon in Malawi!

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