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How we lost our job because of coronavirus in Africa

We haven’t slept at all last night, after the news we received yesterday. Of course, we knew big changes were about to take place, but we didn’t expect to be kicked out that easily. Also this business is taking a big knock now that the world is in crisis and no one knows how long it’s going to take before we go back to normal, if that ever happens. We just expected the opportunity to discuss the way forward, but instead the directors of the company where we started working in September simply told us that at least half of the staff will have to go, including ourselves. No discussion about a temporary lower salary, more efficiency or creative cut backs. No, just finished, you’re on your own. ‘Basi’, as they would say here. Read more

Tourism Friendly Lake Malawi

Year End in Malawi

With Hessel visiting the Netherlands this week, Dilo spent the Holidays with the employees at the lodge. They usually don’t have many guests this time of the year (unlike we were used to in South Africa), so half a team was sufficient. Of course these people were a little annoyed they had to work on […]

The bakkie in front of our new home

House-hunting in Lilongwe

‘’The Warm Heart of Africa’’ is keeping us quite busy. Besides eight working days a week, we also had to find a house. Not that we no longer enjoyed the camping life, although a bit unpractical -especially with the dogs- but if you need to wear a shirt that looks like it has been ironed every day to work, a rooftop tent is no option. Read more

Africa House Malawi

Our holiday is over!

Most of you will know by now that we unexpectedly soon found a job in Malawi, which is why we have been a bit quiet lately!

While we were still driving through Zambia, we already digitally met with the interim manager of a lodge in Lilongwe and we were invited for a casual interview. As expected, the border post from Zambia to Malawi kept us longer than we hoped for, so we just missed each other, because she had to leave town for a few days. It wasn’t a big issue and now at least we had time to go visit Lake Malawi (see previous blog)! Read more

Traditional mokoro on Lake Malawi

Disappointment, but also excitement

Malawi is still one of the poorest countries in the world, but the people aren’t sad or miserable. They are full of life and happiness and wherever we went, we felt welcome thanks to their big warm smiles and shiny eyes. We obviously couldn’t wait to explore more of this incredible country! Read more

Dilo making friends with the locals at Cape Maclear at Lake Malawi

Children Go Back To School Foundation

Cape Maclear is probably the most popular tourism destination on Lake Malawi. And we understand why! The water is crystal clear and the rocky mountain slopes in the National Park create a stunning scenery. On top of that the people are friendly and genuine and you hardly see any pushy, annoying salesmen. The different accommodations, activities and restaurants offer job opportunities for many people from Chembe and other local villages, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean there is no poverty. Read more