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Lions in Malawi; a roaring story

When you think of Africa, you think of the amazing wildlife. We write a series of blogs about animals that you could see on safari in Malawi. Today we tell you more about Africa’s largest cat; the lion. We share some interesting facts about this special animal, but also explain how the lions in Malawi […]

The boy who harnessed the wind – a review

In our previous blog with tips about books that create that amazing Africa feeling, we promised to write a separate blog about “The boy who harnessed the wind”. This inspiring story gives a special insight into life in Malawi in the village of William Kamkwamba and his family. Highly recommended for those who want to […]

Read these 5 books to get that Africa feeling!

The summer holidays have started in Europe, so many people are looking for reading tips. And we are happy to help! Now that you temporarily can’t go on a tour of Africa, you can still dream away with the books below. The writers give you that real Africa feeling, so enjoyment is guaranteed. After reading […]

Malawi puts democracy to the test with fresh elections

Africa is a special continent. After nearly seven years, we thought we were somewhat used to it. Yet, these two Dutchies continue to be amazed. I don’t know if you followed any of it, but Malawi is going through an interesting period of democracy. In this blog you’ll read a bit more about the political […]

Malawi; Africa’s best-kept safari secret

Many dream about going on safari in Africa. Seeing all the wildlife, the sounds and smells of the bush and the feeling of freedom and adventure. There are many safari destinations in Africa and the nature on this continent is always spectacular. These places all have their differences, so it’s important to understand what you […]